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Current CDDRE Research

CDDRE conducted research with 59 school districts located in Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

The research questions were:

  • Do districts that use the CDDRE (Raising the Bar) model of data analysis significantly improve student achievement?

  • Do districts that use the CDDRE (Raising the Bar) model of data analysis and implement a research-proven solution significantly improve student achievement?

The study revealed that the provision of data workshops and implementation of benchmarks was not sufficient to bring about significant changes in student performance. However, schools that implemented a proven-program scored substantially higher than their control groups. What the findings imply is that helping school leaders understand student data is not enough. Schools must actually take action to change teaching and learning to produce gains in achievement. Download full report here.

Best Evidence Encyclopedia Website
In addition to conducting its own research, CDDRE also provides reviews of solutions that have been proven by evidence. These reviews and the resulting list of research-proven solutions are maintained in CDDRE’s Best Evidence Encyclopedia.

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