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Achievement Planning
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Only if participants are currently happy with their student-achievement data will no change be needed. Continuing to do what has always been done will continue to get the school the same data results. The magnitude of the change will depend on the magnitude of unacceptable data. All change, large-scale and small-scale, requires changes in behavior and involves a learning curve. Participants will work with consultants to plan and prepare for supporting the needed change. The Level of Use from the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (Hall & Hord, 1987) is the framework used to plan support for the change.


Concerns-Based Adoption Model
Levels of Use (LoU)
Level VI Renewal
Level V Integration
Level IVB Refinement
Level IVA Routine
Level III Mechanical Use
Level II Preparation
Level I Orientation
Level 0 Nonuse



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